21 Garden Tools Names List & Guide to buy

As delightful as gardening can be, there is no less hardship while you are trying to turn it into an art as many other gardeners would. Maintaining and growing a garden takes a lot of investment, both physical and financial. And to start with your financial investments, Garden tools are deemed to be your first interest. Similarly, you should have a garden tools names list.

While surfing through the internet for your garden, you would come across numerous garden tools names list. As an avid gardener and with many years of gardening experience, I have faced many difficulties choosing the right tools and now I know how crucial a good gardening tool can be. Initially while gardening, expert advice could be very useful for you. That is why Gardening Gift Ideas is here to help you out! I am publishing the Best Garden Tools names listing 21 of the most useful Garden Tools to help you choose your required gadgets.

1. Weeder

According to many experienced gardeners, including me, the most important gardening tool you would need initially is a weeder. Getting rid of weeds is the first priority for any gardener. Weeders are small hand tools with forks that are used to dig at the roots of the weed and to draw them out by hand or a shovel.  If the weeders are used properly, the land can be prepared well for planting and the weeds won’t come back to cause more difficulties in the future.

Moreover, both manual and automated weeders are available on the market. One of the Best Manual Weeder available on the market is Fiskars 4-Claw Weeder. It very handy, durable and does its work efficiently!  Click on the link

2. Seedling Starting Trays.

For healthy growing plants, the first requirement is good seed and growing a healthy seedling from it. Growing seeds into one of such trays give you full control over its growth. Thus, a Plant starter tray is a must-have in any garden tools names list, at least I would highly recommend one. Having a tray with individual cells, humidity domes and irrigation channel is every gardener’s dream. If you want the Best Plant starter trays, you can visit our blog about it and choose for yourself!

3. Hand Trowels/ Transplanters.

Safe handling of your seedlings is a big issue for a sound garden. Hand trowels are slender and long blades with a handle. They are mainly used to transport your seedlings to the ground with precision. They are designed in such a way that you can use them for transplanting your seedlings from seeding trays. Accordingly, in a minimally invasive way or for refilling any holes. Although trowels and transplanters do the same works, the trowel blade is a bit wider than the transplanter. Edward Tools Bend-Proof Garden Trowel is one of the best for this category. It is made of stainless steel and also rust-free for your longer usability! You can look into Amazon or eBay for this product.

4. Hedge Trimmers/ Hedge Shears.

Hedge trimmers, as the name suggests are used for trimming and shaping hedges and bushes, especially for decorations. However, they can also be used for cutting unnecessary branches. Both manual and automated hedge trimmers are available for use. Gonick Pruning Shears is best in class manual hedge trimmer and is a basic in every gardening toolbox. You can purchase this extraordinary trimmer from Amazon. If you are looking for Cordless Hedge Trimmers, try visiting our review blog about it.

5. Garden Scissors.

It is another staple on every garden tool’s names list! They have versatile usage. They can be used to trim sensitive plants and bushes and also used for opening different packages. Further, they come in handy for digging when your trowels are not around. They are more sturdy than your regular scissors thus can be used in heavier cutting works in your garden. Click on the here Best Cordless Electric Branch Scissors Reviews & Guide

6. Curved Blade Shovel.

Shovels are classic at every gardener’s den. Curved Blade Shovels are very useful for doing heavy-duty digging. If you are going to transport big plants from one place to another, this is just what you need! Moreover, if you want to loosen your soil before starting a big scale planting, a curved blade shovel is perfect for you. Bond LH015 Mini D Handle Shovel is a curved, comfortable, and lightweight product, very popular among gardeners. It is available on Amazon.

7. Garden Spade.

Garden spades are a type of shovel, but they are of flat type. They have flat and rectangular, somewhat sharp blades ideal for shifting grass beds. They are especially great for edging works. Fiskars Steel D-handle Square Garden Spade is a favorite spade for gardeners as it is easy to handle and highly efficient. The sharpened blade makes it easier for gardeners for edging. The product can be purchased from Amazon.

8. Scoop Shovel.

Unlike curved shovels, Scoop shovels are not used for digging. These are used for moving composts, grains, fertilizers, etc. You could find different types of shovels for different gardening chores and shovels are a prime need in every garden tool’s names list. Among so many manufacturers AMES Aluminum Scoop shovel with Hardwood Handle and D-Grip is a must-have for gardeners. You can purchase it from Amazon.

9. Leaf Rakes

Leaf rakes are perfect for removing any extra leaves or debris from your garden. Most of the leaf rakes have those flexible plastic or metal blades that collect the leaves perfectly without causing any harm to the ground. Even it is a great tool to engage your kid in gardening. Corona RK 62060 Shrub Rake with an Aluminum or Wooden Handle is sturdy, comfortable, and easy to clean up your garden. You can look more into this product from Amazon

10. Spading Fork/ Digging Fork.

If you ever tried digging with your leaf rakes, you know how frustrating it can be. The better alternative for digging is a Spading or Digging fork. Spading forks are a type of rake with 4 or more sharp slender blades. They are different from leaf rakes as they can be used efficiently against your ground. Their nature makes it less difficult to break down soils either by adding fertilizers or planting seeds or maybe for collecting bulbs. ERGIE SYSTEMS 54-Inch Steel Shaft Bow Rake is a useful rake as I myself had a great experience working with it. It is very reasonable and can be brought online!

11. Garden Loppers.

Once I tried to cut through a hard branch using my regular shears but the results were devastating. That is when my friend suggested these Loppers to me. Loppers are a type of Prunning shear with long handles and have added leverage than the ordinary ones. Thus, they can be used for cutting thick branches than other shears with better grip and finish. My personal Favorite is TABOR TOOLS GG12A Anvil Lopper with Compound Action. This one is a bit on the expensive side but gives a really good grip while cutting. Thus, even cutting through 2-inch branches is just a child’s play in front of it. It is available on Amazon although it gets out of stock every now and then.

12. Pruning Saw.

Even if you find it difficult to cut the branches with your Loppers, the even sturdier choice is a Pruning Saw. For branches that are too thick for your shears, get yourself a handheld saw. These are ideal if you need to climb up at some tree for cutting purposes and there is not enough room for bigger tools. I like the foldable models better as they are safe to carry. REXBETI Folding Saw has been a staple in my Garden Tools names list for years now! I would highly recommend buying this if you are looking for a handy and heavy-duty Pruning Saw.

13. Garden Hoes.

It is said to be one of the earliest innovations towards easy gardening. The invention of this garden hoe made planting a lot easier than before and is still very useful. Garden Hoes are thin and squared blades attached at the end of a long handle. This is used to break clusters of soils and to leave a plain finish to the soil too. Using a hoe makes planting seedlings a lot easier. So make sure to add it to your Garden Tools Name List. I especially like to use a Wedding Hoe as it can be used both for the digging and leveling works. One of my recommendations is the Corona GT 3060 Extendable Handle Hoe.

14. A Wheelbarrow.

Wheelbarrows can be very useful to transport material to and from your garden. Because, while you are starting your garden or are pruning or taking the weeds out, you are must have a lot of debris. A wheelbarrow is your solution to carry those. Many manufacturers produce very comfy and mobile wheelbarrows for you. You can easily transport your garden’s waste materials using one of those. Marathon Yard Rover – 2 Tire Wheelbarrow Garden Cart is a very efficient and easy to handle cart for you to carry your muscly works.

15. Gardening Gloves.

Many gardeners like the sensation of soil and mud on their hands. Although not everyone and not always do we want soil on our hands. Maybe after having a manicure or getting your nails done, you won’t want to spoil your nails. Or maybe after hours of gardening chores, your hand might start to feel a little bit odd. So don’t worry. A good way to engage yourself in gardening even with your nails did is by wearing a Glove. You can find various material gardening gloves on the market including Latex, Plastic, or Leather sometimes with clothes too.

6 PAIRS Women Gardening Gloves with Micro-Foam Coating is a very comfortable glove as I have been using it for some time now. It is gentle to hands and plants equally and it feels as if I am not wearing anything on my hands. Both males and females can wear it without any hesitation.

16. Garden Water Hose.

Watering your garden is perhaps the most crucial of all your gardening chores. And for this purpose, we have many types of instruments and hoses. Garden Water Hose is a must in every garden.

A water hose gives you the liberty to water the whole garden perfectly even when your spigot is far. Moreover, the watering of plants becomes more easy and efficient by having a water hose. So, it is a prerequisite in your garden tool’s names list. Whether you are looking for an Expandable water hose, Flexible water hose, or Affordable hose, Gardening Gift Ideas got you covered! You can check my previous blogs and reviews about every type of garden hose you can ever ask for.

17. Watering Can.

Not all of us are capable of having a big garden. But we still can make space for small gardens on our terrace or balconies, right? And watering in such confined spaces requires precision. Thus, having a Watering can is always handy in such situations. In earlier days, I started my passion with a small garden on my Balcony and I had Novelty 30605 Indoor Watering Can and I could not have a better one for sure!

18. Irrigation System Controllers.

Irrigation systems are life-savers for us working gardeners. We can not usually make scope for watering our gardens always. Thus, sometimes our garden gets unnoticed for days. Moreover, while we go away for trips, we don’t usually have someone to look after our garden. Smart Irrigation controllers control our hose and sprinklers to give timely irrigation to our gardens just as we would have. Thus, our plants remain hydrated even when we are away. For further knowledge of the Best Sprinkler System Controllers, take a look at my Blogs and How to guides.

19. Lawn Mower.

All the digging and planting sometimes leave our lawns in a very clumsy state. This makes it look really aesthetically unappealing. Lawn Mowers are some electrically driven machines that help us level our lawn and making it tidier. Greenworks 20-Inch 3-in-1 12 Amp Electric Corded Lawn Mower is just perfect for any gardener’s lawn.

20. Sun Hat.

Summer is the perfect time for gardening! But that does not necessarily mean that you need to have a sunburn too. A Sun Hat is very crucial to include in your Garden Tools Names list. Thus, in order to protect your face and neck from tanning or even from potential burns, a Sun Hat is very much needed. Not only it protects you from burns also prevents harmful UV rays from touching your face and prevents any chances of cancers from it too.

21. Knee Pads.

Kneeling near our favorite plants is very common for us gardeners. Whether it is to plant a new seedling or digging out the weeds, we need to make contact with the soil and expose our knee to the rough surface. This sometimes leaves bruises or even scarring, which we don’t want. So, it is better to add a pair of great Knee Pads to your Garden Tools Names List in advance.

In this blog, I wrote about some of the Leading Garden Tools Name List, but still, plenty of other minor tools might just come in your need! So, don’t forget to tune in to my website Best Gardening Gift Ideas for other Gardening Queries.

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