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BEST HOSE TIMER 2020 (10 best garden hose timers you need to know about

For beginners and expert gardeners out there!!! 

There’s one element of gardening though, which is absolutely essential, and is by far one of the least interesting parts of growing a fantastic garden: keeping it well watered and fully maintained is the one. Ensuring your garden and lawn are properly watered can be a pretty sluggish task, yet keeping everything fresh and growing strong throughout the seasons is critically important! 
Due to some of the latest and greatest garden best hose timers, you will avoid the
boring job of pulling the hose out every few days while watering your garden and
waiting out in the sun.
One of the reasons why it is imperative to find a garden hose with the right timer for
your needs to build a functioning watering routine for your plants to flourish.

Understand your plants learn about irrigation timer for your garden

The first thing you should know as I experienced it to make sure you buy the best hose timer for the garden is just when you want to water Maybe you have a big vegetable garden, for example, which needs regular water all day? Do you have a cherished flower bed every morning requiring a good shower? Choosing the right garden hose timer is all about what the requirements of the plants for them to grow
and flourish abundantly.
Let’s take a look at the list of products I reviewed which are best in my experience.
Continue shall we!!
(Editor’s Choice)
Raindrip R675CT
3 x 6 x 10.7 inches1.04 poundsRaindripCheck Price
Gideon Dual Valve6.2 x 5.4 x 4.3 inches1.2 poundsGideonCheck Price
(Editor’s Choice)
Melnor 53280
3.1 x 7.9 x 7.2 inches1.28 poundsMelnorCheck Price
Gideon Dual-Valve Timer6.5 x 5.4 x 3.1 inches1.19 poundsGideonCheck Price
Faucet Timer Single6.7 x 4 x 2.5 inches15.2 ouncesButenyCheck Price
Programmable Hose6.3 x 5.8 x 2.9 inches15.2 ouncesBrightownCheck Price
Orbit 62024
9.4 x 7.1 x 1.9 inches10.4 ouncesOrbitCheck Price
Gilmour Single Outlet2.5 x 4.5 x 5.5 inches1.28 ouncesGilmourCheck Price
Hydrofarm HGWT4.3 x 3.9 x 7.9 inches9.6 ouncesHydrofarmCheck Price
Orbit 62034
3.1 x 0.3 x 4.5 inches3.84 ouncesOrbitCheck Price
Mary Smith here, I am a founder of best gardening gifts ideas, I am an avid gardener myself. I have a lifelong love affair with gardening and yard tools.
As a gardener myself who loves to re-arrange the plants and adds new plants and ornaments every year. I am an enthusiastic and energetic spirit, ready to welcome change, eager to experiment. In my opinion

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1. Orbit 62061Z 1 Outlet Dig. Hose Timer, Green

If you’ve been gardening for quite a while, I assume you might have encountered dead plants just because you’ve failed to water the plants. Many individuals, on the other side, end up in mushy gardens when they forgot to turn off the shower.
Using a timer for your hose will help you solve certain problems. The Orbit 62061Z is one of the finest timers for the hose that ensure the plants get the right consistency when they need it. It allows you to keep the plants alive while reducing water wastage.
The device is convenient to use, and easy to navigate. You don’t need software to do the setup. All you need to do is set the start time, the intensity and the span of watering. It features a large, programmable LCD display.
Reasons to purchase:
This Timed irrigation stops Manual button over or under watering of the plants to use the faucet automatically without disrupting the system. 
With this timer you won’t experience watering your plants over or under. Depending on what you want, you can set it to different modes which include manual, rain delay, or water conservation. Best choice for on budget gardeners.
  • Built-in rain delay feature stops your planned software for 24, 48 or 72 hours
  • You can turn it on or off to conserve water during drought conditions
  • Built with a wide LCD display screen for simple programming
  • Simple to use and needs no equipment during implementation
  • Made with robust and weather-resistant content
  • Rain delay for water conservation
  • High weather-resistant design.
  • Highly recommended for the budget-minded suburban gardener.
  • Only disadvantage I have found so far is that the material the timer is built I n is not highest quality but it does the intended job very well.
  • Other thing would be if you are working with more than two sprinklers the water pressure is quite low if working with multiple sprinklers.

2. Rain drip R675CT Analog 3-Dial Water Timer

The Rain drip Analog (appx. $29) has a three-dial configuration that functions to monitor the performance efficiently, so you never need to think about water waste. It can also stop automated watering for up to 72 hours, which is convenient, but there is no choice for a fixed start time, which isn’t as helpful as that. 

This one has mix review from customers but for me I think it’s really affordable and works really well without any programming.

Reasons to Purchase:
It’s very easy to program and you can easily attach this to your outdoor faucet
without any hassles. With this, you’re not going to experience any leakage which is
a huge plus point. It is powered by a removable battery so you might want to make
sure that inside the battery compartment there is no water coming. This is a good
product to use for their price so far. it’s both waterproof and rainproof, so can
survive outdoors.
  • Can be set to provide
  • watering
  • multiple times during the day
  • Easy to program
  • Attaches to any outdoor hose
  • 3 separate automatic dials
  • Building feels strong
  • Power level indicator
  • Ran easily from batteries
  • Requires first setting manually 
  • Unless batteries are replaced within 15 seconds this timer won’t work
For me it was easy to install and handle without any hassle was a plus point. The
water timer is straight forward to attach to any garden hose, standard drip tubing,
or outdoor faucet. Rain drip’s hose timer is actually an older style of timer, but it’s
still good. Half manual, half-automatic, it is designed to be set for the first time at
the time that you want your garden to be consistently watered at

3. Orbit 62034 Mechanical Watering Hose Timer, Green

Here’s a reasonably priced timer for the hose that we find on the site. If you haven’t chosen the perfect product for your use, you might want to check this out. This is yet another hose timer from Orbit. It uses the same simple concept you normally see with the products from this brand. Even though it has a classic design and a simple application, it performs its purpose quite effectively. It functions as an electronic kitchen timer, basically. First you need to turn it on to the maximum level and then you set it to the amount of time that you want your sprinklers to start watering your garden. Unlike other hose timers it does not use any sophisticated, heavy-tech systems.

This may not be the most sophisticated form of timer for the tube but it’s super-
cheap and it gets the job done for the amount of time you need it. I personally find
this isn’t the most robust and long-lasting but it gets the job done in its own easy
way when it comes to results. Nonetheless, there are mixed reviews to this. Several
people find this product’s spring mechanism too simplistic to their liking. Many hose
timers don’t have that cool and complex program which is a bit of a downer. Yet it
can do a fairly good job of managing the sprinklers for what it’s worth when you
wanted to.
The Mechanical Watering Timer Orbit 62034 is the easiest and straightest timer for
watering activity for your garden. The timer works similarly to an egg timer you’d be
using in the kitchen.
This choice can be set to run watering cycles that last from one minute to 120 minutes.
Reasons to purchase:
The Mechanical Watering Timer Orbit 62034 doesn’t need batteries or any power
source to operate. Just turn it to the moment comes, and you’re off to do more
important and exciting things. On the drawback, any time you wish to water your
yard, you need to turn the dial manually. It also cannot be pre-programmed for
future watering sessions, for this reason.

  • The Orbit hose timer functions like an egg timer, as the Instapark concept did.
  • Easiest water timer device to use
  • Oversized dial is both easy to turn and easy to read
  • A stable and heavy duty solution that will last for years to come
  • No batteries or power source needed
  • Really low price
  • Turn the dial to the watering period you want it to, and just walk away. When it’s done it’ll turn off the water. It means you need to be home to start it, like the Instapark, too. But this is a fantastic little device for a basic model which frees you up for other tasks.
  • Manual dial must be switched to operate
  • Cannot be pre-programmed for multiple sessions

4. Melnor 53280 Four Outlet Digital Water Timer

The Melnor Hydrologic Four Zone Water Timer is your best alternative for outdoor living in your lawn yard, if you want the utmost versatility. This gives you the opportunity to plan zonal irrigation according to your expectations.

I was impressed with the degree of flexibility provided by the Melnor Water Timer because, for example, the watering schedule for strawberries varies from that of tulips.
Reasons to purchase:
The Melnor 53280 Four Outlet Electronic Water Timer includes a mode for rain delay.
The delay helps you to bypass watering cycles for up to seven days during some
heavier than usual spring showers which came in very beneficial. I was also being
pleasantly surprised at how long the Melnor Water Timer runs on a battery pack.
This option remains perfectly driven on just two AA batteries for a stunning six
months, making it a wise preference.
The Mechanical Watering Timer Orbit 62034 is the easiest and straightest timer for
watering activity for your garden. The timer works similarly to an egg timer you’d be
using in the kitchen.
This choice can be set to run watering cycles that last from one minute to 120 minutes.
Reasons to purchase:
The Mechanical Watering Timer Orbit 62034 doesn’t need batteries or any power source to operate. Just turn it to the moment comes, and you’re off to do more
important and exciting things. On the drawback, any time you wish to water your yard, you need to turn the dial manually. It also cannot be pre-programmed for future watering sessions, for this reason.
  • Zinc link nut with anti-slip rubberized coating grip
  • Wide LCD screen
  • Waters periodically up to 24 hours a day programmed for individual days of the week
  • Simple to use rubberized multi-function system
  • No additional valves to buy
  • Manual rain delay control
  • Quick to use
  • Exceptionally flexible You can customize various irrigation patterns for different zones
  • Trustworthy output Works up to six months on just two alkaline AAA batteries
  • Many configurations are a tad bit difficult to configure so hold on to the owner’s manual
  • Several watering cycles can need large amounts of water which could be a problem in famine-prone areas

5. Orbit B-Hyve Smart Faucet Timer

The thought of hearing “Alexa, turn the water on” on those 100-degree days is really amazing. So now it seems to be likely. Whether you’re using the B-Hyve software or an Amazon Echo, you can monitor your irrigation for garden from within, or even from far from home.

Weather Sense technology will adapt your console to deliver your plants the right
consistency of water when they need it. It bases its conditions off live weather
feeds, historical records, and conditions on the site to ensure they get exactly what
you want your garden to get. A developed-in stream-meter lets you track your water
consumption, so you can also be water-smart.
Reasons to purchase:
Through adding additional smart timers, you can create multiple zones at your garden. The Wi-Fi hub which comes with this layout is perfect for all of them. And
setting it up is easy, and bringing it to functioning.
  • Simple to mount.
  • Hundreds of schedule possibilities.
  • can be modify
  • according to
  • Weather-setting.
  • Alexa voice-recognition features.
  • CONS Lacks precise control of the real use of energy.
  • Does not qualify for IFTTT or third party integrations.


6. Orbit 62024 Single-Dial Hose Watering Digital Timer

This is an automated timer for the water hose equipped with one outlet. For quick selection of your preferred settings an enormous knob comes in handy. There are 16 watering-duration options set between 2 and 90 minutes. You get three frequency bands for watering: every day, every other day and every 3rd day. This timer is designed to support a standard faucet and features an auto on / off switch to allow water to be preserved.

Orbit Dial Digital Hose Faucet Watering Timer has one button for setting the irrigating time, and one dial for controlling the watering cycles. The watering periods can be adjusted to shape 2 hours to once every week.
The system is programmable quickly and helps make the lawn watering more
comfortable and trouble-free. Automatic watering process also tends to conserve water during conditions of water scarcity. This will keep the grass greener and safer
with the right irrigation.
Reasons to purchase:
If you think that technological devices can make things much more complex than
they need to be, this easy but highly effective orbit timer could be the best choice
for you. This provides an easy way to monitor your watering routine without needing
to use complex controls and displays.
Only the big huge dial at the front of the unit is controlled. Since it only occurs once
a day, there is no peculiar configuration for choosing which time it starts. This keeps
their procedure very simple again.

It is also very easier to fit in, and is also fairly simple to use.

Another thing I like about that timer is its unfussy appearance. It is designed in your
garden to be easy to navigate and inconspicuous, and will not draw attention to itself. If you don’t want to install a hideous-looking device in your garden, this might
be a good pick too.
Also, some people who just want choices may consider this timer a little restrictive–
though it’s specifically made to be as simple as possible.
Basically, this is the perfect hose timer for someone with complex buttons who does
not want anything and is simple enough for everyone to comprehend.
Although it doesn’t give you any sophisticated timers ‘ versatility, it takes all the
trouble out of having to water the garden, and that’s why it’s a top pick.
  • Elegant convenience–this timer makes things extremely simple to configure–will be set up and work in minutes
  • Discreet style–elegant appearance won’t draw attention to itself
  • Affordable alternative –costs less than many of the more complex options available
  • Multiple functionality watering choices–adjust watering pace and time
  • Restricted if you want a console with more choices–but when you turn it on, it’s connected to basic programming–can’t choose the time any other way.
  • Just be aware, this model is only for use in North America. They have copies of it available overseas worldwide.

7. Instapark Programmable Hose Timer6. Orbit 62024 Single-Dial Hose Watering Digital Timer

This Instapark hose timer is significantly more complicated to set than some other digital units and is water resistant and climate-resistant. Its single-outlet design allows it useful for basic irrigation tasks, but it does not allow multi-zone watering installations. Still, it’s a durable little unit and would work well in the garden either inside a greenhouse or out.

Reasons to purchase:
The next good alternative if you’re looking for a simple, efficient and cheap timer for
the tube, this Instapark timer is a pretty good choice if you need a single-outlet
timer to control your irrigation
I admire the way the dynamic specifications offer you a wide range of options for
picking the most suitable watering cycles.
The frequency can be set, for example, as low as every 10 seconds until every
seven days.
Likewise, it is possible to set the duration of each watering from 10 seconds to 360
minutes. This provides you the likelihood to fine-tune your water supply to suit the
needs of your yard.
It’s a very affordable digital automatic water hose timer offering a waterproof LCD
display and a wide range of timing choices for proper watering of multiple gardens
and yard regions.
  • Mainly sold as “foolproof” to work
  • Many multifunction choices–choose time, frequency and duration of watering Tough, Climate-resistant built to last and should give you many years of use Great battery life–lasts for ages between battery changes
  • Simple-to-read, colorful LED display screen that switches time, water timer
    condition and battery rates
  • Rain delay and manual functionalities–giving you greater flexibility Straightforward, foolproof operation–user-friendly and easy to program
  • Attaches to any outdoor yard hose
  • Timer selection possibilities leap from 5 mi.
  • Timer setting possibilities switch from five minutes to one hour with no gaps
  • Valve limits flow and pressure–not really the best pick if high pressure is crucial
  • Plastic valves –would have been more durable if made of metal
Overall, this is yet another good hose timer pick. It’s strong and robust, it’s simple and straightforward to configure and program, and it offers you a broad range ofchoices on how to adjust the watering period in your yard.

8. Gilmour Single Outlet Electronic Water Timer: Best for Smaller Lawns and Yards

The Gilmour Single Outlet Electronic Water Timer is the ideal solution for smaller yards and lawns people.

This device has one outlet which ensures you can use one hose or watering machine with it. You can configure the water timer to operate from 1 minute to 360 minutes.
The Gilmour Single Outlet Electronic Water Timer unit attaches to your hose and
spigot in just seconds with a metallic easy-swivel coupling. Our test team preferred
to have a reliable water timer ideal for smaller yards. It is also supported by a two-
year warranty that allows it a wise investment.
Reasons to buy:
The Gilmour 300GTS (around $16) is an electrical design that can be built without
equipment and is programmable as a whistle. It enables irrigation duration from 1 to 360 minutes, and has a huge LCD screen that even in bright sun is obviously visible.
  • Single outlet timer
  • Simple to configure and use
  • Affordable price point
  • Water cycles spanning from one minute to 360 minutes
  • Reliable and well created
  • The Gilmour Single Outlet Electronic Water Timer was a smash with no drawback to mention in my experience.
Overall, The Gilmour Single Outlet Electronic Water Timer is the perfect solution for
smaller yards and lawns individuals in my opinion do check it out.

9. Gideon Single-Valve Hose Water Timer Sprinkler Timer

This is a single-valve hose timer built in a straightforward and economical bundle to give you the maximum control and user friendliness. It includes several different configurations for irrigation of your garden so you don’t need to stress.

The design is minimalistic and plain, making it easy to follow and easy to adapt. The
illuminated LCD display is vivid enough to be viewed on a sunny day but can also be
mounted at night when there is no daylight.
This integrates a vital function of rain delay. If you ever need to pause the irrigation
system because it’s just rainy or expecting rain, you only type in the number of hours or days you want to stop watering. Once this time’s up, irrigation only carries on as regular.
Reasons to buy:
The first thing that jumps out over this timer is that setting up and using it is exceptionally simple and easy to understand. Many people probably won’t even need to go to the user manual to adjust the timer and in just a couple minutes you’ll be able to have it all in order.
This one has a basic swivel linking that firmly holds it in place, and is built to be assembled without any tools being needed.
The degree to which it helps you to monitor the watering process via the timer is a
personal favorite of mine. For each watering it has a maximum duration of 240 minutes, and can be scheduled to occur at defined times all through the day.
This design is impervious to wind, rainproof and made to last. For someone searching for a simple single-outlet timer that is easy to set but provides plenty of
tools to monitor the watering process it would be the ideal solution. A product which
is highly recommended.
  • Quick to attach and configure–includes swivel locking and quick functions
  • Great flexibility–allows you full control about how and when irrigation is handled
  • Quick control of rain delay–quick to stop irrigation for a certain number of hours or days
  • Backlit LCD –easy to see in bright sunlight or at night
  • Waterproof, rainproof and designed to last–this is a powerful durable device
  • Can only pick preset programs-can’t create your own
One aspect you need to be mindful of is that this system won’t let you build your
own software. I normally get to choose from one of the preset sequences that some
people might find does not give them much versatility.
This also reduces the water pressure in the hose, so may not be suitable for applications requiring higher water pressure.

10. Instapark Auto-Shutoff Mechanical Water Timer

Instapark MWT-08 Outdoor Garden Hose End Automatic Shut Off Mechanical Water Timer
  • Mechanical
  • Single valve
  • Auto-shutoff
Set this automatic timer for the hose, and walk away while the hose works for you!
A mechanical machine, unlike a computer hose timer, will need to be operated by
hand for each use. You should place the sprinkler on the grass, though, or tie it onto
your drip machine, go over, turn the dial, and walk away. It will switch off automatically when the watering time you set it to is complete, up to 120 minutes
Also note, for someone who’s home to switch the knob, a mechanical device is
fantastic but it won’t work while you’re out of town. If you can’t be there, you’ll need
a portable app for preset hours.
This mechanical water timer is very straightforward to use and has a fixed run time
of 120 minutes making it ideal for basic watering processes and routines.
Reasons to purchase:
Instapark’s automated Mechanical Water Timer is constructed of long-lasting, climate-resistant, shock-resistant, and slip-resistant thermoplastic elastomer. It will
turn off the water automatically once the time is up. Instapark Water Timer is a fantastic product to prevent your garden from overfilling.
The degree to which it helps you to monitor the watering process via the timer is a
personal favorite of mine. For each watering it has a maximum duration of 240 minutes, and can be scheduled to occur at defined times all through the day.
And you don’t have to think about your yard irrigation because once you set the timer it begins immediately and finishes watering according to your directions. In my opinion it is a product that is simple, convenient and easy to use, this is a must have for your gardening requirements.
  • Irrigation time can be set at whatever time (similar to an egg timer), and is marked at intervals of 15 minutes with the ability to set at any time from 1 minute to 2 hours
  • Auto-turnoff up to 120 minutes (2 hours)
  • Simple-to-read and convenient-to-use mechanical dial
  • Functions well with a variety of water pressure ranges.
  • Connects directly to any outdoor garden hose
  • The water flow can be somewhat limited based on the location of the hose’s line

Why we need watering tools:

The right device needs to be used to create the best possible outcomes out of a
garden Irrigation devices are an integral part of proper care and maintenance of the
yard. With the right watering gear the garden will produce better, look better and make the whole gardening experience more enjoyable and efficent.
Hoses and accessories
Having the right kind of hoses and accessories for the hose will make it easier to
bring water to the garden. Hoses can come in different lengths and need to be large
enough to stick to a faucet and still be in a spot to touch the back of a yard. Different materials for the hose will allow some more robust and less prone to kink and get tied up.
Also pay careful attention to the hose collar, as having a good collar will make it much easier to attach to water sources.
And there are various accessories that should be added to the hoses to create the
best possible garden equipment. Fundamental accessories to the watering equipment will include spray nozzles or pistols. This allows the hose to spray water
rather than just sprinkle it out of the hose. This makes for a stronger watering system and won’t harm growing plants. Check also for connectors and dividers that
make for quick connections and simultaneous use of several hoses.
Presently, there are lots of timers on the market that are very burdensome to set
up and install. Several of them technically allow for full timer power. Once programmed this unique timer cycles are easy to program. You can quickly set the
clock from an easy-to-read LED screen, set the watering date, the pace, the length,
and then simply run the software. For smaller yards and watering needs it performs
You don’t really need a power outlet nearby. A certain water timer should works out
two easily installable AA batteries (not included). The battery lock has an “O” ring to
avoid the intrusion of water and moisture into the battery chamber which is one of
the weakest parts of water timers and the failure of a few rival model water timers.
When it turns on and off the water generator is very silent.
One big plus point is that it should have a rain delay incorporated into the design of
the system. It should be equipped with a’ manual’ button allowing interruption of
the program but keeping your programming intact. The plus or minus sign increases
/ decreases time, and the period is regulated by a manual override using+ \-. It
should also come with easy-to-read instructions in operating manual.
Typically a one-valve timer that operates a single valve, by design. The opposite side is a hose connection, which allows only a garden hose to be watered by hand. The biggest advantage is that you’ve programmed water with the timer but you can still use it as a traditional outlet such as watering potted plants on a patio, spraying the deck around a pool, washing your car or other areas you’d need a hose. On the left side there should be a black lever, which can be used to cut on and off the manual hose outlet. You can opt for Dual three and four valve options for more convenience.
Your hose timer should be able to connect with sprinklers. As water timer is used with vegetable garden sprinklers it removes the inconvenience of being sure that the correct amount of water is supplied to your vegetables. For your flower beds, you may set up a drip machine, so they collect their necessary water at the most appropriate time. It’s perfect for use in watering your lawn and it helps you to position it at night or late at night to prevent evaporation during daytime sun.
For those who are fortunate enough to own a second home, such as a cabin in the
mountains, a remote lake, a desert or a beach, the hose timers are a miracle as it takes the trouble out of watering flowers beds and/or lawns.

Watering a garden (beginners tips and tricks)

I adore gardening, and outdoor time. Occasionally, though, I wonder about all the water people use to spray their gardens and the lawns. This adds up, and it’s not
environmentally responsible as well as costing more money and we also have water
scarcity in many areas. Restricting the water that we are using just makes perfect
Irrigation is another major consideration when you’re considering how to build a garden We have choices, beginning with a sprinkler can which is ideal for indoor or
smaller gardens, or you can use a garden hose, ideally with a spray nozzle, using a
handheld lawn sprinkler, a soaker hose, a trickle or drip device, or an automated
drip system.
Here are few factors to take into account when choosing which kind of irrigating
equipment you’re going to really need.
Here are several tips for minimizing and reducing the use of water, and your ecological impact.


Use as beneficial native plants. Native plants typically need less irrigation. Typically
just one time a week is enough. There are several lovely native plants there, no matter where you live. Ask your friends or visit a professional garden equipment place or nursery if you are confused about species, just inquire.
Throughout the cooler part of the day, morning or evening, water your garden. It will be more efficient, because less evaporation of water will take place. Mornings with work and kids are tough for me but the early evening works well. Find what’s working for you. You can start using a timer for the hose, and set it to water automatically if you’re out.
Be mindful of your source of water. Because I use tap water, I use rainwater to balance it too. You can easily collect rainwater from the roof in barrels which collect
water flow. A hose on the barrel makes it easier to use, and you’ll also want to cover
the barrel to prevent debris from growing into it like falling leaves and insects like pests. After you have set up a system for collecting, storing and using rainwater, it’s
simple and intuitive.
SOAKER HOSE: Instead of a sprinkler, use a soaker hose and turn on only periodically Sprinkler system can use a huge amount of water and also more energy
than just the problem areas. That’s simple and easy to do and everybody should take into account. Although sprinklers still have their place, they often get misused.
IRRIGATION SCHEDULE: Don’t water your garden just because you felt like it! Water
on time, or when your plants and garden seem they need it. For lawns, a bit of brown may be OK and normal during the hottest season, not an early sign that the grass requires water. Don’t cut your lawn too short, either; shorter grass needs more water!
It is everybody’s responsibility to save resources like water and certainly not hard to
do. Hopefully the tips above are useful!

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