Best Sprinkler Controller User Guide

Best Sprinkler Controller: Gardening tools are a must for growing a healthy garden. Plant starter trays, Water Hose, Hedge Trimmer, Sprinkler Controllers, Gloves etc are just basics. To most of us gardener, sprinkler controllers are life-savers. Our garden don’t need to face demise even in our absence, all thanks to some of the Best Sprinkler Controllers available on the market!

Sprinkler controllers are our trusted friend when it comes to keep our plants hydrated! And not only in our presence, even at our absence they would do the same work smoothly!  

But for the new users of Irrigation Controller, the initial management may seem a bit gritty. But take it easy! I have designed a handy guide on how to use and control your Sprinkler controller only for you!

In this Best Sprinkler Controller Guide, I would discuss about,

  1. Buyers Guide for Sprinkler Controller.
  2. Programming an Irrigation Controller.
  3. Turning on the Sprinkler System manually.
  4. How Sprinkler Controller System works.
  5. Weather Sensor of Irrigation Controller System.
  6. Soil Sensors and data collection of Smart Sprinkler Systems.
  7. The usefulness of Sprinkler Systems.

However, before getting further into the blog, you should first know what is a Sprinkler Controller and what to look for in the Best Sprinkler Controller.

What is a Sprinkler Controller?

Sprinkler controller, also known as Irrigation Conrollers, are some digital device that controls the watering of your garde. Usually, your hose or sprinkler is connected to it through electricity connection or WiFi connection. Thus, it readily irrigates your plants. Alao, you can control most of the functions of smart irrigation controllers using your mobile device from any part of the world!

Buyers Guide for Irrigation Controller.

If you are buying a Sprinkler Controller for the first time, this post is just perfect for you! While you are in search of the Best Sprinkler controller, keep the following points in mind!

  1. Control and Connectivity.

Internet connection is a prime need when you are looking for a decent sprinkler controller. If you are away on a vacation, you would still want your irrigation to happen as scheduled! That’s why ensure a sprinkler controller which has a WiFi Connectiivty! Thus you can check on your irrigation using your smart phones.

  1. Accurate Weather forecast system .

In a smart irrigation controller, the key feature should be able to detect when to water the lawn and when not to. To ensure that this feature is intact, always choose a sprinkler controller which has in-built rain sensor or any sort of smart weather forecast system! This would both save your garden and your water bills! Also, this would ensure proper nourishment of your plants!

  1. Alternate Setting Power Backup.

There are times when we may face unexpected power outages and this would disconnect our WiFis. This might result into unintentional watering delays if the setting is not permanent.  Thus to ensure that your schedules are always perfect, select a Irrigation Controller with permanent memory or an extra battery backup.

  1. Diverse controlling features and

As a gardener, you know that not all plants have similar type of need. An irrigation controller should have some features like monitoring the garden and determining what amount of watering is required at different zones according to the plants demand. This would ensure healthy growth of the whole lawn in general!

  1. Custom and station based Scheduling.

You know that all plants don’t require the same amount of water to grow. Excess water or less water may damage their growth. While purchasing a Sprinkler Controller, you must ensure the custom scheduling feature! This allows different zones of your garden to get watered according to their needs.

What Features to look for in an Irrigation System Controller?

The most efficient irrigation controllers are the smart ones. Smart irrigation controllers are the latest technology infused sprinklers controllers.

Usually, while choosing one Irrigation system controller, you should keep a few features in mind. Although its your personal preferance, as an avid gardener, I would never let any of these features loose! Those are,

  1. WiFi connection.
  2. Manual Programing option.
  3. Station wise watering system.
  4. Backup memory.
  5. Smart phone control.
  6. Rain sensor.
  7. Weather forecast system.
  8. Soil analysis.

According to any avid gardener, I would say these are the must features that Best Sprinkler Controllers should have!

How to program a Sprinkler Controller System?

Most of the Best Sprinkler Controller System claim to have a very understandable and easy programimg option. Almost all of the devices come with an instruction pamphlet that contains the directions of how to start the setup. Mostly the directions come in both written and diagram form for users ease. Most of the programming of Best Sprinkler controllers are super easy and beginner frinedly!

The programing of different irrigation Controllers are not similar. Each come with its own settings and instructions.

That’s why I enlisted some of the best videos of programing a sprinkler controller of several famous brand.

  1. Orbit B-hyve Smart WiFi Sprinkler Controller

  2. Rain Bird WiFi Module for Wireless Irrigation Controllers

  3. Rachio 3 Smart Sprinkler Controller

  4. Blossom 7 Zone WiFi Smart Water Controller

  5. Netro Smart WiFi 6 Zone Sprinkler Controller

Even after watching a video, the installation may seem tough. So, you can call the companys Customer Service for further help!

How to turn on the sprinkler controller manually?

If you notice any irregularity in the functioning of your irrigation controller or if your electricity cuts off for some time, there is a way to overcome it. It is manually turning on the sprinkler system! It is an old fashioned way yet works just fine in cases of emergencies!

Some gardener find it hard to regulate their sprinkler controllers manually. That’s why, I came up with this quick solution!

You can manually turn on the controller in 2 ways. One is from the main control box and other is from the valve.

If you wish to manually program your Irrigation controller from the Control Box, follow the given instructions.

  1. Open the cover and make sure that you set the `Run’ option or button.
  2. Press the ‘Manual’ button or option and choose your desired mode of watering.
  3. Some controllers have a function for manual scheduling of zones too.
  4. Lastly, press `Enter` button or function to activate the settings.

You can follow this video for a bit detailed understanding.

On the other hand, if you want to conduct the manual operation from the valve, follow the instructions given below.

  1. Look for the valve selenoid, where the wires come out. There might be arrows marked for controlling the valve or a bleed screw beneath the selenoid. Use one of these to turn on or off the valve.
  2. Do a quarter and half turn in the anti-clockwise direction an open the valve.
  3. Turn the valve in oppposite direction to close the valve but make sure not to tighten it too much.

If you have a RainBird Irrigation controller, go check this video!

How does a Smart Sprinkler Controller System works?

As agardener, I know it is not possible to always find time for our garden among our busy schedules.

But we also can not just let our plants die! Your garden would never die of thirst only if you get yourself one of the Best Sprinkler controllers available on the market!

The main work of an irrigation controller is to water the plants at pre-scheduled times. The energy stored in the devices keep a note of your set timing and also calculate a few factors influencing the plants and watering levels to customise the watering system.

There is a set program inside the devices that let you control the functions of it. There are several functions in a Sprinkler Controller. The most common ones are Weather check, Rain Sensor, Plant condition checker, Specific Zone Watering and many more.

On top of all that, you can control most of the Smart Irrigation Controllers using your mobile phones through wifi connectivity. SO, you have con trol over your garden even when you are not around.

Furthermore, you know that all your plants don’t need the same amount of water and a lot of water is wasted while you are watering your garden. A Sprinkler controller is your solution to all those problems! The smart system of the controller allows you to water your plant zones based on its needs and also saves your water bill!

Weather Sensor of Irrigation Controller System.

Expert Weather sensing system is what makes a sprinkler top of its class! Having accurate weather information ensures that your garden is watered just as you would rather than plunging it with unnecessary water.

Weather sensors help keep track of the weather and water it in accordance without over-pouring. Usually some of the Best Sprinkler Controllers use WiFi connectivity, in app forecast or satelite forecast to keep a track of the weather.

Soil condition Sensors and data collection of Smart Sprinkler Systems.

There are some super smart Irrigation controller devices on market which gives a high class 5 star quality irrigation to your plants! They collect the soil condition in terms of moisture and also keep note of the plant and its specefic care. Thus, you get custom of your plants!

Why do you need a Sprinkler Controller System?

Sprinkler Controller Systems are trusted machines to many avid gardeners. You know, one can not always stay at home. All of us has works to do throughout the day or we might just be tired after a whole day of working. And this leaves the condition of our gardens unchecked.

This is where an Irrigation Controller System comes in. You wont want your garden to suffer from the lack of watering. A Sprinkler controller controls and modifies watering of your garden. It checks and stores previously given watering schedules and waters your garden in your absence too! Moreover, smart sprinkler controllers have advanced weather checking sysytems which would water your garden according to the weather every day!

On top of that, the sprinkler controllers save almost 50% water than conventional watering. This would only be beneficial for your pocket too!

Are Sprinkler Controllers Worth it?

A good sprinkler controller is never a bad investment! There are more perks to a irrigation controller than you might think!

Firstly, they give you freedom of watering your garden even when you are away or busy. Also, you don’t have to take the toil of watering your garden on your own!

Then, there is savings! You can save almost upto 50% of your water usage! Because best sprinkler controllers use advanced technology to water your plant in the right way!

Also, the advanced weather forecast system allows correct assessment of the weather, It has rain sensors and soil sensors too. Thus, it examines the whole process and never over flows the garden!

And most important of all is the custom watering system! You can divide your garden in a few zones and specifically schedule watering for your plants of different need. This is one of the main reason why Irrigation Controller devices are so in demand!

What are some of the Best Sprinkler Controller System?

There are numerous brands of Sprinkler controllers in the market claiming to be top class. But all of them do not usually work out to be the best!

There are some renowned names for sprinkler controllers among the gardeners. They are Orbit, Hunter, RainBird, Netro and a few others. Read our blogs about The Best Smart Irrigation controller for further information!

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