The Complete Guide To Garden Hoses In 2021

Our works and busy schedules have been keeping us away from so many of our hearty desires. To us gardeners, our gardens are no less than our own children. But I know we can hardly make time for it in our day to day lives. So, to make our concerns a bit less worrisome, many advanced gardening tools are available all over the marketplaces.  
In today’s age, automated and time-saving machinery is very common and for aspiring gardeners like us, there are plenty of options. Starting from Seedling Starter trays to Irrigation Controllers, there are numerous such devices that make our gardening works easier. Similarly, Garden Water Hoses are no exception. 
There are numerous categories of garden hose available on the market. But it is a bit hard to look for the perfect one. I remember how much unknown I was to expandable water lines when I first read stretch garden hose reviews a few years ago. And now they are way better than before, thanks to modern technology. Therefore, to your comfort, I have prepared an extensive guide on what different garden hoses are good at and why you should purchase them. In case you are looking for the Best Stretch Water Hose, you can look at my stretch garden hose reviews blog. 

What Is An Expandable Water Hose?

There are several types of garden hose. But the Expandable Garden hose is the most popular one. They function just like your regular hose but the catch is they expand from a small length to your desired length! They are designed in such a way that they magically change their lengths in a blink of an eye. However, there are numerous brands of the Stretch Water hose. For deeper knowledge take a look at my Best Stretch Garden Hose Reviews Blog

Are Expanding Garden Hoses Any Good?

Expandable Garden hose is one of the most desirable product by avid gardeners. There are many reasons why people like them. Some of the factors that really made me love and Expanding water hose is, 
  1. They are very space efficient and I need very little place to store them.
  2. Moreover, they are so light! My hands don’t pain anymore moving with it throughout my garden.
  3. It shrinks to be 1/3rd of its original length. Thus, storing it is very easy.
  4. I noticed, with proper use, there is almost no possibility of kinks or leaks from a best quality expandable hose.
  5. It drains the water and coils completely on its own.
  6. I not only use it to water my plants but also wash my cars and my pet Goofy using it!

How Does An Expandable Garden Hose Work? 

The functions of expandable hose are a bit different than the traditional ones. Their structure is different. 
There are 2 parts of an Expandable Hose; the inner stretchable latex pipe and the outer tear resistant coupling fabric. When high pressure water is released in the pipe, the inner core expands almost 3 times its original length. As a result the outer layer also stretches and covers the whole length.
The strong leak resistant fittings and nozzles that come with it ensures smooth watering of your plants without any water leaks.

How Useful Are Expandable Hose?

After all this, you might be wondering if an expandable hose is really worth your money. Well, they absolutely are! 
Whether you have a compact space or your garden is far from your water source, the one solution for this thing is an Expandable Hose! You can store an Expandable hose even in a very small space without any problem. You don’t have to deal with a bulky long hose all day for your daily watering needs. You can move to and fro all around your garden if you have an expandable Garden hose. 
And in this busy age, it is very hard to look for the desired hose and not to mention the time that goes behind it! So, you need not to worry. Just relax on your couch and browse through our page for Stretch Garden Hose Reviews. 

What Is The Best Expanding Garden Hose?  

A plethora of brands claim to be the best Expanding Hose in the market but a few of them really truly serve the purpose. The bigger problems gardeners like us face is cheaply made hose. Some have a cheap latex core, some kink easily or some even get holes in them. This makes us really disappointed.
If you are looking for guidance regarding buying the best expandable water hose, you are in the right place. With my experience and research, I really want to help gardeners to get their amounts of money worth! 
I have been using The FitLife Expandable Garden Hose for a few years now without any complications!
Furthermore, at Gardening Gift Ideas, you will find blogs about stretch garden hose reviews and also the best affordable garden hose for more comparisons.

What Is A Retractable Hose?

Retractable Hose are the most recent technology used for water hoses. It is a self coiling automated hose with a compact reel. It can be placed at the entrance of your house and the line comes out of it. Usually 50 feet Retractable Hose are most used as it can be a bit expensive. But the aesthetic value of your house is not altered at all as there would be no pipe peeping through it.

Are Retractable Hoses Any Good?

Retractable hose can be your ideal type for many reasons. If you want a longer lasting yet very useful hose, this is your go.
Benefits of having a Retractable hose are,
  1. They can be fitted on the wall and doesn’t need any extra space for storage. If you have a compact storage, it is perfect for you.
  2. There is no chance of twist or kinks. The hose remains coiled in a machine with reel, thus it doesn’t face any stress.
  3. You don’t have to face any unnecessary hassle after finishing watering.

What Is The Best Retractable Water Hose? 

Retractable Garden Hose are very desirable among gardeners.
There are many top notch Retractable Hose in the market. Among so many, I picked a good quality and affordable one for you. It is the Hozelock 30m Compact Reel. It is one of the Best Sellers on Amazon and many avid gardeners would recommend this one.
Also if you want to learn more about Stretch Garden Hose Reviews, visit my other blogs.

Water Hose Buyers Guide.

It is not always easy to buy the best things you want, especially when there are so many options all over. I hope you don’t make the same silly mistakes as I did while buying my first garden hose. That’s why I designed this Buyers Guide for Garden hose.

1. The Hose Material

The material of the pipe is the crucial factor while choosing a hose. For the core either latex or TPC ( Thermoplastic Copolyester ). Both materials are known for their durability and expandability. But mostly triple-layered latex is used as it is both cheap and considered more durable! And as a protection to the core, the polyester cloth is used over the core. Most expandable hoses have the covering set up in such a way that it expands along with the latex core under pressure.

2. Length

The length of the hose is a very important matter to consider while purchasing a hose. Depending on the extent of the garden, you can choose a hose from 3 feet to 100 feet long. But the longer the hose, the bulkier it may get while storing it. So, if you want to store your long hose in a space-efficient way you surely need an expandable and flexible garden hose! Also, an expandable and retractable garden hose is best for moving around your garden.

3. Fittings

The fittings usually used for the hose lines are made of brass, aluminum, steel, or plastics. Usually, cheap lines use plastic fittings. It is better to choose the hose with Brass fittings as they tend to be more durable.
The place of the fittings may leak sometimes. In order to prevent that, the connectors are to be fitted in an accurate way. Most avid gardeners prefer having Quick release fittings or Semi-permanent fittings. In the case of quick release fittings, the connection to the taps and different nozzle becomes very comfortable and hassle-free.

4. Features

If you look for flexible water hose reviews online, you are probably also emphasizing on other features your garden hose has! Besides, the best seller Water Hose usually come with a number of features. While choosing a watering pipe, you should consider having one compatible with your garden. 
The most common features that your hose should have are expandability, flexibility, No kink or twisting tendencies, durability, versatile nozzle designs etc. Go through my blogs about Stretch Garden Hose Reviews for the best Flexible Garden Hose.

How To Keep A Garden Hose For A Long time?

After buying a hose, you aim is not only to use it but also to keep it new-like for a long time. Thus, you need to know the right preservation techniques. According to me, most of the hoses face early damage due to rough handling. 

1. Storage

Firstly, the storage of the hose. The main mistakes many gardeners do is not storing their garden hose properly. The storage process is different during the Summers and the Winters. During Summer, as the hose is used more often, it needs to be kept near the yard. But the hose must be kept away from the sunlight but it should be drained and dried first. However, during winter, the hose needs to sucked dry so that any part of it doesn’t freeze. Most Hose materials are susceptible to high and low temperatures. It should be kept at room temperature if you want to use it for a long time.
In every season, the coiling must be done in a less invasive way. It is to be done correctly without any harm to the line. Or you can switch to an Expandable Water Hose. Go to my Best Stretch Garden Hose Reviews and select your desired stretch hose.

2. Proper Handling

If you want a hose without Kink and Tears, the hose quality matters a lot. However, the way you handle and use your hose matters a lot. 
While watering your plants, avoid dragging the hose mercilessly. Use a hose coiler to carry it around or simply carry it around yourself.
Also, keep the hose away from your pet. The pets may play around with the hose in all the wrong way! One day my dof was palying with the hose in the garden, I didn’t give it a thougt. And the next I remember is having a leaking hose.
Moreover, make sure to clean the hose connections every once in a while. Thus, the possibility of kinks will be reduced. 

3. Get The Right Length

Well, always buy a hose in a length you require. Never buy a shorter or longer hose than your need. 
If you get yourself a short hose, then you need to pull it which would make the hose material weak. On contrary, if you get a longer hose, the extra hose pipe would tangle and kinks might appear. And You surely don’t want that! 

4. Turn Off The Water After Use

Many of us tend to keep our spigot on even after watering is done. But it is very harmful to the hose. Only the nozzle alone can not keep the water pressure intact. The pressure from water may also create burst tendencies. So, always turn your spigot off.
I know how dear our plants are to us. Thus, to keep them in their best shape, we do all things possible in our capability. Buying expensive Gardening Gadgets is not even an option for us. But it is always better to know what the product offers and if it is worth it. And Gardening Gift Ideas is always your trustworthy partner in this regard. I will provide you with all the Gardening Solutions that I wish I had from the beginning!
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