How much water does a 1/4 soaker hose use

Watering flowers, vegetables, and trees and shrubs with a 1/4″ soaker hose are great. 1/4-inch Soaker Hose “may be utilized in smaller boxes like pots, planters, and window boxes. 65 gph per 50′ at 25 psi is the flow rate. 15′ or longer lengths of water. However, it is legal to feed water into a 1/4-inch pipe from a solid pipe “tee then splits into two berm lines or form a circle with a 30-foot diameter.

1/4" Soaker Hose 

Consist of 30% recycled plastic and 70% recycled rubber. UV filters were added. The gallons per minute will increase with shorter lengths. The use of a Soaker Hose is suggested for flat surfaces with no greater than a 2′ rise over 100′. Since Soaker Hose is designed to operate at low pressure, a pressure regulator is an essential requirement. A 200-mesh stainless steel screen filter is another thing that should use to help separate particles and keep the hose from clogging. Consider using a calcium filter if you reside in a region with hard water.

Amount of water Uses for 1/4 soaker hose How Can I Figure Out How Much Water My Soaker Hose Is Using?

You must take a few things into account to determine out how much water your setup uses. As continues to follow:

  • Piping Pressure
  • Hose Length
  • Hose Thickness

For example, the water flow rate is six gallons per minute with 100 feet of 1/2 inch hose and a water supply pressure of 40 PSI (pounds per square inch). The flow rate will decrease as you add more hose. The flow rate will be higher for a hose that is larger in diameter. For example, with such a 100-foot irrigation hose and 40 PSI of water pressure, your flow rate will be eleven gallons a minute.

It’s important to remember that these are only example examples. Your goal when using a soaker hose is to have a PSI of approximately 10. A drop in pressure reduces the water output.

  • A good suggestion is to run a standard faucet at a rate of 1/2 gallon per minute.
  • It took approximately 200 minutes for a 5/8″ soaker hose to deliver 1 inch of water.
  • The water is delivered in an inch in 200 minutes.
  • 150 minutes create 3/4-inch-deep water.
  • 0.5 inches of water are generated in 100 minutes.
  • 50 minutes generates a 1/4″-inch

How Much Water Does a Soaker Hose Use Exactly?

It is obvious that the question “How much water does a soaker hose use?” can really be addressed simply. There are just too many unknown factors, including such:

  • Garden Layout
  • Plant Type


Hoses for soakers generally come in sizes of 1/2″ and 5/8″. Because it fits a common garden hose, most gardeners use a 1/2′′ inch size. A flow regulator is constructed inside of soaker hoses. The flow rate is naturally affected by this.

You’ll need to install a flow regulator if your custom builds a soaker hose by cutting the perforated material to length and fitting the attachments yourself. Regulation of pressure and flow is important. For soaker hoses, 10 PSI is appropriate. A soaker hose can break at higher PSI levels. No regardless of how long the hose is, low PSI is recommended when using a soaker hose.

This is especially true when watering new, fragile, small plants. Longer watering at a low PSI is better to run the risk of damaging your soaker hose. Similarly, it’s not a good growing practice to kill plants by delivering an extreme quantity of water all at once.

How can you know how much water you need?

Your garden will need lots of water based on the season. Keeping the soil equally moist in the early spring provides a healthier start for seeds and seedlings. Set your soaker hoses to deliver a long, deep drink during the cool part of the day during the summer’s hot, dry days. Naturally, you may not need to water at all during the rainy season. Minimize watering as you reduce your crops as the current season approach, as well as the days, get fewer and colder.

Your specific situation will decide exactly how often and for how long to use your soaker hoses. Variables like average temperature, crop types, or soil structure must be taken into consideration.

It’s a good idea to talk with local gardeners to determine what you need to do in your region. Learning out what works best in your area can be learnt a great deal by joining a local gardening society.

FAQs of How much Water Does a 1/4 Soaker Hose Use

How long can a 1/4 soaker hose be run?

For 14″ tubing, the maximum lateral run length is 30 feet at 25 psi. The maximum lateral run length for our 14″ porous soaker tubing is 15 feet at 25 psi.

What is the 1/4 soaker hose’s flow rate?

Watering flowers, vegetables, trees, and shrubs with such a 1/4″ soaker hose is ideal. can be used in very little areas such as window boxes, planters, and pots. At 25 psi, the flow rate is 65 gph per 50′.

Does a hose’s length affect the water pressure?

In accordance with the Science of Hose Lengths, you typically won’t lose much pressure as you increase the length of the hose you use if you work on flat ground or under normal operating conditions. For instance, the pressure loss per 100 feet on a 3/8-inch hose with a 3-gallon/minute flow is about 50 PSI.

Does a hose with such a smaller diameter generate more water pressure?

A smaller hose will mostly to the water pressure. The degree of resistance the water encounters rises increasing pipe size. Around 2 PSI would be lost per 100 meters for a 3/4″ hose. A 4 PSI decrease will happen for a 5/8″ hose.

How does flow rate rely on pipe size?

The compression of a fluid flowing through a pipe can happen when the pipe’s diameter is decreased. The flow rates increase as it travels increasingly quickly. Moreover, the flow rate decreased as the diameter increased.

Which Four components have had an impact on flow rate?

The viscosity, density, and velocity of the fluid are just a few of the variables that determine how fluid flows in pipes. The viscosity or density of the fluid will change as the temperature of the fluid changes. the pipe’s length, inner diameter, and internal roughness in the case of turbulent flow.


After watering your plants, you might want to check the soil around plants to determine how long to run your soaker hose. You have plants you have to soak plants, it’s a common matter but the watering level is a fact for you to know.  To track how many inches of water your plant has received, use a trowel or other similar garden instrument. Use care if using gardening tools to avoid hurting the plant’s root system. Simply this is a solution. 

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