How To Store Your Garden Hose? (15 Creative Ways To DIY)

Buying an expensive garden gadget, your aim is not to use it just a couple of times, right? You would surely want to get the best of it. But in order to make a gadget last a long period of time, you need to take some precautions as well. No more worries. Gardening Gift Ideas is always beside you to help you with all your gardening queries.   We all know how precious our garden hoses are to us. They keep our plants hydrated and nourished. Thus, our plants do not die out.

     1. DIY Hose Hitching Post

Hitching Posts can be a very cost effective way of keeping your hose kink free for a long time. Using a self made wooden hitch, you can store your hose on any place of your garden as you wish. According to many gardeners, it is one of the best way to store a garden hose in a coiled form.

     2. Metal Pail Multi-tasking

Metal Pail is such a great tool for your garden. You can store your necessary stuffs in it along with turning into your very own hose holder. You can coil your hose over it like a DIY hose reel. Or even you can keep the hose safe inside it.

     3. Affordable Modern Hose Hook.

It is very cheap yet using a hose hook can instantly change your gardens nature. Using a sturdy, metal hook can transform your garden from messy to neat in minutes. Keeping the hose hanged can reduce potential pressures on it along with unintended kinks in it.

     4.Doubling a Galvanized Wash Tub.

Almost all of us have an unused Wash Tub in our garden as we use our hose these days. But what if we add it as one of the garden hose storage ideas? Rather than just keeping it sit around, we can place our hose safely inside it as a storage space.

     5.Coiled Hose PVC pipe DIY Storage.

It is a bit troublesome for use to store our coiled hoses without some fancy and expensive storage tools. But here is an easy hack! Put a hard stick in to the ground and place a PVC pipe on top of it. Thus, you can coil your hose easily over the PVC pipe. It is one of the best way to store a garden hose ( Coiled hose ).

     6. DIY Garden Storage Pallet.

It is an easy way to make your garden aesthetically appealing. Not only you can hang your garden hose on the pallet but can also arrange other tools on it. It is one of the best garden hose storage ideas for messy gardeners.

     7. Tire Rim Hose Organizer.

Ever noticed that your old tire rim looks like a hose reel? Well, it can also be used as a DIY Hose Reel. It is very useful to coil your line over it. Moreover, it also gives a rustic look to your garden.

     8. Using The Old Mail Box.

Who even uses a Mail Box these days, right? But why not to turn it into something useable? An old mail box is just perfect to store your hose after watering is done. The hose can not get twisted or kinked if it is coiled properly on to the box.

     9. Using an Old Tyre as a Hose Roller.

I bet you have an old Tyre lying around idle somewhere. Its time to get creative! Among so many different garden hose storage ideas, it is a very easy one. You just need to cut open a Tyre and place your hose in it as circular coil. Thus, you can store your hose without spending some extra bucks. Even during winter, it is one of the best way to store a garden hose in your garage.

     10. Wooden Spools Hanger.

Old Wooden Spools are very simple way to keep your hose line organized. Just pein 3 sppols onto your garden and coil your line around it just like thread. Thus, your garden would appear to be moretidy.

     11. Flower Pot Turned Hose Holder.

For some of us gardeners, unused and old flower pots are a staple. So, why not to turn it into one of the creative garden hose storage ideas! Old flower pots can be a decorative way to store your hose in.

     12.Garden Storage Bench.

Isn’t it jus so soothing to spend an evening at your garden? I have a very useful bench at my garden which I use for both sitting and storing my delicate garden hose underneath. It has an extra compartment at the bottom that doubles as a small storage space.

     13. Hose Hanging Butler.

Butlers are a very cost effective and attractive way to hang your hose. It is a very space efficient way to manage your hose. The Butler can be stuck in to the ground or a hanging decorative one can be used.

     14. Tree Branch Hose Holder.

Tree Branches could be a very natural way to store your hose line. It gives a rustic look to your garden along with an efficient storage.

     15. DIY Wooden Planter.

Making an wooden planter is a very easy task if you have eyes for creativity. Or else, you can find a great planter for a couple of bucks only! A wooden planter is one of the best way to store a garden hose at your garden. In order to make your hose last longer, you need to know a few things first. Along with great garden hose storage ideas, you need to know garden hose preservation techniques too!

How To Coil A garden Hose?

Most common mistakes we usually do is coiling our garden hose in a hostile way. It reduces the longevity of our garden hose. We may face unintentional leaks and kinks due to coiling our hoses in the wrong way. So, follow the following steps while coiling your garden hose.

  1. After watering, turn off the water supply.
  2. Dry the hose thoroughly after every use.
  3. Bend the hose to make an approximate 3 metres diameter coil.
  4. Circle the line keeping it onto any hanger or reel of your choice. Make sure to use light hands.

Winter Care of Garden Hose.

Most of the water hoses available are susceptible to too hot or too cold weathers. Winters can be harsh to the line and reduces its longevity. So it is crucial to keep your hose protected from chilly frost bites. Follow the given instructions for safety of your hose during winters.

  1. Make sure to drain th hose properly.
  2. Do not forget to dry the hose while the weather is still warm.
  3. Do not leave your water line outdoors.
  4. Store the hose at room temperature without putting excessive pressure on it. Moreover, you can follow one of my DIY garden hose storage ideas too.

Summer Care For Garden Hose

Just like chilly winters, hot summers are also no better for your garden hoses. High temperatures could significantly reduce the vigour and elasticity of your hose. Not only a best way to store a garden hose would help you in this case. So, it is always better to be cautious about it. Make sure to follow the steps below to protect your hose from high temperatures.

  1. Never keep your hose under direct sunlight for a long period of time.
  2. Do not forget to stop the running water once you are done with watering your plants.
  3. Coil the hose in an approximate 3 meters diameter without pressure.
  4. Dry the hose each day after finishing to water your garden.
  5. Store the hose at a lower temperature.

How to Prevet Garden Hose Damage?

If you have been going through the best way to store a garden hose, you know that care for water hose doesn’t come easy always! And surely you won’t want to spend so much money every couple of months over a water line. So, there is a simple way to save some money over a garden hose. It is to take proper care of the line.  Most of the damage a garden hose faces is due to rough use. Thus, you must be careful while using your hose and to make it last longer. While coiling and uncoiling, if you don’t do it properly, the hose may face kinks. So, be sure to coil and uncoil them properly. Moroever, we tend to drag our hose around while watering or washing.

This makes the covering of the line to wear away. Thus, it may cause damage to the core. If you prevent dragging the water pipe around, you would potentially add a few more years to its lifespan! Again, some hoses are susceptible to temperature.

So, read the instructions properly while you are reading any flexible water hose review. Do not use water at a higher or lower temperature than the specified temperature. Another factor that increases the damage of the water hose is the storing. Without proper storage, the line tends to die off early. If you are careful enough to avoid these few things while using a hose, you will save quite a few bucks in your pockets!

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