What is hedge trimmer

What is hedge trimmer?

Well, a hedge trimmer is basically a trimmer used to trim hedges. It is a gardening tool which is used to trim hedges with less effort and in less time. Hedge trimmer is basically of two types: 
Stand Alone: This particular type of hedge trimmer is basically fueled with human energy, electricity or gasoline. If we talk about the one which works with human energy, it does not require any fuel. It is the cheapest way to trimming hedges however it requires a lot of human energy. It is also one of the most environment friendly ways to trim hedges as there is no fuel in it. On the other hand, if we talk about the one which works with electricity is used with add on precautions as the person trimming the hedges needs to hold it with electric current on. Last type of this kind of standalone trimmer is the one which works with the fuel called gasoline. This comparatively heavier and takes a bit of time to start off. As far as pollution is concerned, it is the most pollutant type of trimmer. 
Tractor Mounted: There is another type of trimmer and this one is a tractor driven trimmer. This is basically used in the areas of farming. They are not used for small gardens. They are used for trimming purposes of farms of crops.
It is imperative for an individual to know exactly what he needs from the hedge trimmer before buying one. All the types of hedge trimmers explained above are of different kinds and fulfill different types of requirements. Each one of it can be used in specific manner. If an individual buys a human energy hedge trimmer for huge garden then it is not possible for a man to do that all alone. On the other hand, a tractor trimmer cannot be used for home garden trimming. Hence, each hedge trimmer has its own usage and it should be used accordingly. If you are planning to buy a hedge trimmer it is important for you to understand various features of the trimmers. This can help you to make the correct choice and it is always important to be satisfied with the performance of the product you buy. There are some popular hedge trimmers which people buy for their gardens. They come under the brand name of Black & Decker, Bosch, Makita, Little Wonder, Echo, Groom, McCulloch etc.
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Hedge Trimmers Types Overview:

Usually people use three types of hedge trimmers for personal use. Let us look at brief description of features of these trimmers:
Pole Trimmers: These trimmers are  basically attached to a small pole and it is done to attain longer reach. However, one should not forget the fact that due to the reason that it is attached to a pole, it becomes heavy. And, it is advisable that only strong people should be using pole trimmer.
Electric Hedge Trimmers with a Cord: These kinds of trimmers are light in weight and easily portable. They can weight anything from 5 pounds to 10 pounds. It can be easily used in a house and everyone can use it. It does not need great level of strength to be used by an individual. It is comparatively cheaper as well. 
Cordless Hedge Trimmers: These trimmers come with the facility of rechargeable battery. Hence, there is no cord required for current to work with these trimmers. If one compares the power of the trimmers then obviously the corded trimmers are much powerful however, cordless trimmers carry the convenience with them instead of a cord. Batteries need to be recharges after every 40 to 60 minutes depending on how much work is taken from the trimmer. It is expensive as one need to keep replacing the batteries after every few years.
Gasoline Hedge Trimmers: They are comparatively heavy and make a lot of noise however they are very powerful. It takes some time to start these trimmers and regular maintenance of engine is required in this one.


It is important to keep safety in mind while cleaning trimmers. The fuel and electricity current should not be present while cleaning.

How to choose hedge trimmer

Maintaining the good look of your hedges and your entire garden is not always an easy task. When you hedges are very tall, sometimes the only and often very dangerous solution is to climb the ladder to trim and shape it. Even if the hedges are not very tall but their length is still level with or above your shoulders, using a regular trimmer can be a difficult, dangerous and tiring process. That’s why owning a pole hedge trimmer is extremely beneficial. This type of trimmer can be used not just for cutting tall hedges but also as a tree pruner, so basically you get two machines at once. With it you can maintain your hedges whenever needed and prune tree branches in the autumn. 
Motorized trimmers are definitely a needed gardening tool because they make a hedge cutting process easier, faster and better. Just think about how much time you normally spend in shaping you hedges with gardening shears. This process can last terribly long, leaves you tired and achy and the result is never so good. Those laser sharp flat looks can be achieved with a motorized hedge trimmer, and believe it or not, the process lasts so short that you’ll be amazed. Off course, getting a hedge trimmer is something that requires a little bit of your time. There is so many types of them on the market so the first thing you must do is determine which one will fit your needs. A hedge trimmer that is perfect for you must:

1. cut your hedges with ease

2. enable effortless usage in terms of power supply 

1. To make a choice between double sided hedge trimmers or one sided hedge trimmers you must make an assessment of your hedges. For thick and long hedges, trimmers with double edge blades are a better solution because with them you can glide the blade back and forth without the need to move too much. Two reciprocating blades glide through the hedge making a nice clean cut. With double sided hedge trimmers you can even make curvy shapes and easily cut hedges in the corners. One sided hedge trimmers do give a flat and nice look of the hedges but if your hedges are too thick they can make it look more shredded rather than nicely groomed. If your hedges are not too thick and bushy that this type of trimmer will get the job done. However, have in mind that one sided hedge trimmers are mostly for trimming so making shapes with them is almost impossible. 
2. In terms of power supply, you can choose between battery powered, gas and electric trimmers. If you can provide an easy accessible electric plug outpost, then a trimmer with a cord is probably the best solution. These trimmers are very cheap, light in weight and they are practically effortless to use. Just plug it in, do the job and plug it out. If you, however, don’t like cables you can choose a trimmer that is powered by gas or batteries. These trimmers are a bit heavier and need to recharge or refuel so you have to be ready for that. 


Hedge trimmers have multiple uses. They may be defined as hand-held outdoor tools which are primarily used to cut branches on bushes and shrubs. They can either be manually or electronically powered, and they are by far among one of the most useful pieces of landscaping equipment available. 
Some of the many uses of the trimmers include trimming, shaping, and thinning bushes and hedges. They are also useful for fruit harvesting and grass cutting. Each of these areas will be discussed in detail below.
To begin, the trimmers are very useful for trimming bushes and hedges. Bushes and hedges can overgrow rather quickly, and they need constant maintenance. While manual trimmers are fine for small jobs, it is recommended to utilize electronically powered trimmers for larger jobs in order to save time and get the bushes and hedges cut correctly.
The trimmers are also used to shape bushes and hedges. Manual trimmers provide for a lot more precision than electronically powered ones do, though if the shape is fairly simple, the electronic models will also work well. Where shaping is concerned, it is of note that hedge trimmers are used a great deal in the field of topiary sculpting. In this field, shrubs and bushes (as well as tress) can be formed into unique, non-plant shapes including letters, numbers, and animals. The topiary artists typically use electronic trimmers to form the basic shape of their non-plant sculpture, and they then refine it using manual trimmers. 
Another use of the trimmers is to thin out bushes and hedges. One branch at a time needs to be selected in order to do this. The danger in using electronic trimmers for this purpose is that they may remove more branches than are necessary. With this said, it is best to allot a good portion of a given day to thinning out bushes and hedges with a manual trimmer set, as the end result will be much more satisfactory and attractive. 
There are uses of trimmers that extend beyond just fixing up bushes and hedges. One of them is the harvesting of fruits. To provide an example of this, oftentimes when a person goes apple or peach picking, it is not uncommon to see many pieces of fruit on the floor. This is typically the result of numerous peoples’ pulling fruit manually off of the trees. Trimmers alleviate this problem for farmers who are looking to pick fruit and then sell it. A manual set of trimmers can be utilized to cut fruit off of trees. This will make it easier to pick fruits, and it will also not disturb or detach unpicked fruits. This is significant as a lot of fallen fruit can equate to lost revenue for farmers.
Another use of trimmers that goes beyond bushes and hedges is their ability to cut grass. Electronic trimmer sets are best in this regard. They could be attached to tractors and used to cut bushes and hedges that are in confined locations. Trimmers that are tractor-mounted are often used to cut grass on farms and other large locations.
In conclusion, hedge trimmers are outdoor tools that are mainly utilized to cut branches on bushes and shrubs. They can either be manually or electronically operated. The uses of these trimmers are many and include trimming, shaping, and thinning bushes and hedges. They are also useful for fruit harvesting and grass cutting.


Hedge trimmer garden care is important to most any homeowner, gardener, and landscaping business. The trimmers aid people in maintaining neat, decorative, and well taken care of bushes and shrubs on properties. Besides being decorative, well-
maintained shrubs and bushes have the ability to create defined areas within a garden or landscape. With this said, the hedge trimmers’ important role in the upkeep of a nice looking garden can not be stressed enough.
While the mentioned trimmers are a very common gardening tool, there are many different types of them to choose from today. They can run anywhere from under one hundred dollars to over three hundred dollars. Furthermore, there are many divergent features available. Given this dynamic, a consumer needs to think about the level of use that he or she will be giving to the trimmers and what the specific needs of his or her garden are. For example, a radically different type of trimmer set would be purchased to maintain a small garden than one that would be bought to take care of a farm.
Manual trimmers are available, as are trimmers that are powered by electricity or gas. Manual trimmers are best for small gardens, and they are also extremely useful with providing detail to bushes and shrubs. Electronic trimmers are cheaper than gas powered ones, and they also tend to be more silent. Some electronic ones are available with cords, though these models are only practical for small gardens since the cords usually do not extend beyond one hundred feet. When the decision is made to use a gas or battery powered trimmer set, the person using the trimmers should make sure that he or she has an extra battery on hand or that the trimmers are fully loaded in the case of a gas model. Gas-powered trimmers are almost always the choice used by professional landscaping companies.
Some hedge trimmers of extended lengths are available. However, this feature is
only of use if the gardener would like to reach higher hedges. Furthermore, some
trimmers come with additional security features. For instance, some trimmer sets
have the ability to make blades shut down completely for a few seconds after the
handle is released. Other brands have a protective shield in front of the blades.
The uses of the trimmers are many, and they include maintaining bushes and hedges; harvesting fruits; and cutting grass. Each of these areas will be discussed in detail below.
To begin, the hedge trimmers can be used to maintain bushes and hedges. This includes shaping, trimming, and thinning them. Overall, manual trimmers are best for small jobs and also tend to offer the most precision and detail. It should also be noted that trimmers can be used to transform ordinary bushes and hedges into eccentric animal, number, and/or letter shapes. This is often done by professional landscaping companies for decorative purposes, and a combination of electronic and manual trimmers is used to this end.
Hedge trimmers are also used to harvest fruits. They can be used to cut fruit off of trees, which in turn makes fruit picking easier. This process also leaves unpicked fruit intact, and it prevents it from falling down. This is significant as lots of fruit falling down from trees can equate to lost revenue for a farmer. 
Last but not least, hedge trimmers can be used to cut grass. In this instance, electronic or gas-powered trimmers are typically attached to tractors to cut grass from large properties including farms.
In conclusion, hedge trimmer garden care is important to anyone who owns a home and would like to have a well- maintained garden. There are manual, electronic, and gas-powered trimmers available, and they vary in cost as well as features. Some of the many uses of the trimmers include maintaining bushes and shrubs; harvesting fruit; and cutting grass. 


Choosing the right garden hedge trimmer for your needs can make all the difference
when keeping your garden neat and tidy. With such a wide selection of hedge cutters available this article explains the differences between them when you’re thinking of buying one.
Garden hedge trimmers come in a variety of different models from petrol driven trimmers to battery operated and mains operated trimmers. Add to this telescopic and the long reach varieties and you can soon start to become unsure which hedge trimmer is the right choice. 

Mains Hedge Cutters

The most popular type of garden hedge trimmer is one that is mains powered. These operate by an extension cord from the nearest electricity supply. They are usually lighter than other types of hedge cutter as there is no heavy battery pack or fuel tank so can be easier to use.  

Cordless Hedge Trimmers

Cordless hedge cutters are usually powered by a rechargeable battery pack and provide the convenience of not having a cord to deal with. They are useful for medium sized to larger gardens and are good for getting to awkward locations where electrical power is not easily available. 

Petrol Hedge Trimmers

Petrol hedge cutters are useful for larger gardens or countryside hedges and shrubs where a rechargeable battery powered trimmer may not be suitable and there is no electricity nearby for a mains trimmer. Look at the overall weight of the trimmer as it’s likely you’ll be carrying it around a lot so a heavier model could soon become tiresome.  

Telescopic Hedge Cutters

A garden hedge trimmer can potentially be a dangerous piece of equipment so combining it with a ladder or climbing equipment can sometimes lead to injury. Telescopic hedge trimmers are ideal for taller hedges and shrubs as the long extending handle enables the operator to reach up without the need to climb. If you have tall hedges or shrubs then a telescopic hedge cutter is what you may need. 

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