What Is The Best Retractable Garden Hose Reel?

Are you thinking about buying the best reel for the garden hose? If you don’t have enough experience, choosing the right one can be challenging, but you don’t need to stress. Top Recommendations & Buyer’s Guide is here for you: The 8 Best Garden Hose Reels in 2022!

Garden hose reels are not built for all types of garden hoses, particularly garden hoses that are expandable. Yet a garden hose reel is a must-have for those of us who have a conventional garden hose in our houses. It can be inundating, in all fairness, to find a decent hose reel. So, by choosing the right garden hose reels for you, we took the time to simplify matters.

A Garden Hose Reel – What You Must Know

Significant investment to make after purchasing a garden hose is a garden hose reel. Garden hose reels are not intended for expandable garden hoses, as we described earlier. If you own an expandable garden hose, please skip it.

When searching for a new garden hose reel, let’s find the essential stuff to remember.

1. The Size Of Your Property

Many people assume that the size of one’s property has little to do with the sort of garden hose reel that they should purchase.

Truth is, if the property is big, there would be a need for a very long garden hose. You’ll need a hose reel in the same vein that will conveniently fit the length of your hose. In addition, when you have to transfer your hose from one place to another in your building, especially if you have a wide area to cover, the hose reel may be helpful.

In short, the size of your property will impact the type of hose reel that you purchase.

2. Type Of Garden Hose Reel

  • Hose Reel Cart –This sort of garden hose reel is shaped like a cart, except the cart has a reel fixed on it. There could be two or four heavy-duty wheels in the cart. It is ideal to move the hose everywhere.
  • Wall-Mounted- The type of hose reel that is connected permanently to the wall is a wall-mounted hose reel. It is also mounted next to a supply of water so that the hose can pull its water from a source nearby.
  • Standing Hose Reels- Without being attached to the wall, they are built to stand alone. Hose-reels are not any of them, but rather hose stands. Although they don’t have wheels, they are close to the hose reel carts.
  • Retractable Hose Reels- This may be placed either on the wall, standing, or in the shape of a box. It is designed for the hose to recoil automatically after each use. All you have to do is drive the hose back a little and the reel takes care of the rest or just use a hand crank to wind back.
  • Hideaway Hose Reels- They are built to conceal hoses from prying eyes and from harsh conditions. They are also shaped like a box and come with a hand crank which is used to wind and unwind the hose.

3. Hose Length And Width

The length and breadth of the hose are yet another significant consideration to take into account while buying a retractable hose reel.

If the hose reel you bought does not help your hose’s length or width that means the one you have bought is not efficient at all and you have only wasted your money on it. They can become larger than predicted when hoses are rolled up. If you don’t take care of the length and width, this will cause storage issues.

Luckily, up to 100ft, long hoses will support any of the garden hose reels on the market. It won’t hurt to verify the hose length supported by the reel you’re purchasing if you have a hose that’s more than 100ft long.

4. Portable

For individuals who wish to switch their hoses from one place to another portable hose reels are perfect. As they are easier to move, the better compact garden hoses are the ones with wheels.

An extra bonus is if they’re foldable since it makes it easier to accommodate them in small spaces.

5. Durability

Garden hose reels are intended to last a long time, so it is essential to ensure that they are constructed for that purpose. Durability can be affected by weather variables in your area, but if you buy a horse reel with a stainless steel gauge, you will enjoy it for a long time to come.

6. Leak-Proof

Ensure that the hoses are labeled leak-proof before you purchase them for hose reels that come with their own hoses. It’s an indication that they’re built to be durable if they’re labeled leak-proof.

7. Lockable Feature

If your concern is safety, then look for a hose reel that can lock after use. Many brands offer accessories or lock systems for hose storage. If you have no choice, you can get one for them or you can store them in a safe place.

8. Consider The Size And Capacity

You should consider the size and capacity of the hose reel not only the design. If you use a long roll of hose, you’ll need larger, higher-capacity reels. If the hose reel cart size does not match your hose length, it may not be able to work according to your requirements.

9. Warranty

Look at the warranty option, a few of the hoses have a 10-year warranty, which is good insurance with your retractable garden hose against any accidents.

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